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Its summertime and everyone you know is on vacation. Your sister is at the beach. Your parents are on a cruise. Your best friend is in Europe. And you? You’re in D.C., sweating it out. Sounds like time for a staycation. And what better thing is there to do on a staycation than go to brunch at a quaint European Café, where you can sip on Champagne and pretend you’re in Paris? Such a spot exists. It’s called Et Voila.


Recently renovated, this charming restaurant also has an outdoor patio if it’s cool enough to sit outside. Step one to have an effective staycation brunch is to order bubbles. Step two is to order several courses of deliciousness. I started with a bowl of super bright, bold, summery gazpacho. You can taste the sweetness of summer tomatoes, blended to just the right consistency with herbs and olive oil. A smattering of croutons adds a little bite to the dish. Next up, try the Belgian endive salad. Like the gazpacho it is cold, perfect for summer. The bitter endive is an ideal husband to the sweet apple, and thick hunks of cheese add a creamy a creamy note.

For your main course, I recommend the veggie croque monsieur, because it’s delicious and where else can you get a vegetarian croquet monsieur? It’s filled with melted cheese, eggplant, and zucchini, as well as a trio of spreads: olive tapenade, pesto, and tomato confit. The trifeca of spreads make the sandwich super flavorful and the bread is crispy and fresh. With it is a boatload of fries. Fries, in case you don’t know, make everything better.

Dessert is essential when in Europe or when pretending to be in Europe. Strawberry popsicles, Nutella crepes and freshly made macaroons are all winning options. I, of course, had all three. With another glass of champ. Yep, I like to pretend like I’m always on a staycation.