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Ok, so it may be true. I am addicted to brunch. But hey, I am taking one for the team! It’s hard work scoping out every new brunch in DC so that you, my loyal BYT readers, know what’s new, what’s out, and what’s absolutely essential. Well, I have stumbled upon my new favorite brunch in town: Del Campo. Let me just count the ways in which I fell in love with this Latin-inspired brunch: wonderful service, unbelievable food, and endless blanc de blanc served with juice on the SIDE (NOT PRE-MIXED). Life-changing my friends, life-changing.

Bottomless champagne is $20, and bottomless food and drinks is $45. Or you can order food a la carte. You know what the answer is here people, don’t make me spell it out. $45 is totally worth it. Fried yucca balls, oozing with melted cheese. A chopped salad dotted with croutons and hearts of palm and radishes. A pasqualina tart made with house made pastry, stuffed with meaty maitake mushrooms and spinach, and then capped with a mound of soft, nutty Parmesan cheese. Smoked scrambled eggs, luscious polenta, jalapeno mashed potatoes, grilled potato salad, smoked olives, and freshly baked bread: its all just so good.



And then the ultimate: butter pancakes topped with powdered sugar and BUTTER ICE CREAM. You will never eat any other pancakes again. Ever. Can they sell the butter ice cream by the pint? Can they put it in little cones and serve it as dessert? It’s unforgettable. Almost as epic as the mango mai thai popsicles….