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Words and photos: Lauren Jones

We Washingtonians love a good collaboration, don’t we? Well, let me tell you, this summer we’ve scored big. The guys behind DGS Delicatessen and DC Brau have created a happy love connection with the debut of their summer Belgian IPA, the “Golden Calf.” The Golden Calf is the marriage of DC Brau’s Yonder Cities–which has a crispy, fruity palate and spied plum undertones–and DGS’s slivovitz plum mash, a house-crafted plum brandy that has a rich Eastern European history.


The beer will be served exclusively at DGS and it’s freakin’ fantastic. It gives you the bitterness of hops that you normally find in a good Belgian IPA but keeps in line with a very crispy, summery undertone. The sweetness of the spiced plum is there just in time to tickle your tongue but doesn’t overdo it. Order it served alongside a rueben sammie or a plate of chicken schnitzel and you are in for a good time. Mazel tov.