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By Priya Konings

Copperwood Tavern is one of those places that serves that great American food that you can enjoy over beers with friends when you are tired of going to restaurants that only serve small plates with mini food for a gazillion dollars.

The food at Copperwood is classic comfort with a modern touch, drink pours are always generous, and the portions are undeniably hearty. Meat lovers will be thrilled with the options of seafood, steak, ribs, and meatballs, but vegetarians are well taken care of as well. Roasted bell peppers stuffed with quinoa, spinach, and mushrooms and sprinkled with cheese are sweet, crunchy, and earthy all at once. The rich spring risotto is melt-in-your-mouth silky. Mashed potatoes are whipped with smoked gouda, making them all the more satisfying. A crispy bread crumb crust covers the truffle-infused mac n cheese, which is amazingly available for only $10. Beer battered mushrooms, garlicky fries that come with housemade smoked ketchup, and crispy grilled asparagus are side dishes that are all great for sharing.

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Desserts are also classic America, with a twist. Chef’s favorite ice cream is nutella, so you can always find that on the menu. Try it with the stout brownies: it’s a chocolate lovers dream.


The rhubarb crème brulee is equally as delicious, with creamy custard and a perfectly burnt top.


Head over with your friends. Grab a seat at one of their rustic wooden tables or cozy booths and get ready for a good time over unpretentious food and a strong cocktail.

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