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Compass Rose is one of the spots that has been on my list to try for ages, especially because I love street food (which is the theme of their menu). When I heard they were serving brunch, I was knew it was really time to stop by for a visit. I mean, international street food meets brunch? The ideal marriage, in my mind and in reality.

The brunch dishes are organized by country, just like their evening menu. My sister and I sampled three of them: First, the famous Georgian khachupuri, which thankfully is served at brunch and dinner, so you can get it no matter when you go. It is as epic as everyone says it is. Having been to Russia (where they eat quite a lot of Georgian food), I can tell you it is really authentic. The crispy bread is smothered in butter and cheese and herbs, and then topped with an egg yolk which is then mixed in and cooked by the hot cheese. It is a luscious, creamy, soul-satisfying dish.

Next, we tried the Isreali shakshouka, equally as good as the kachupuri. Eggs are baked in a small clay dish with bright, savory tomato and pepper sauce, drizzled with a cool yogurt sauce and heaps of feta cheese and herbs. It’s a whirlwind of complimenting flavors.

Then, we sample the Irish breakfast, a hearty meal of scrambled eggs, toast, mushrooms, and thick herb-infused tomatoes. I tried to save room for the zeppole but alas we were too full. Well, I guess I know have a reason to come back (as if the khachupuri wasn’t reason enough!!!!).

Oh, and did I mention bottomless sparkling wine with your choice of juice purees is available for $20?! This international culinary tour is a trip you’re going to want to embark on asap: no passport needed.