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I’ve been brunching hard the last couple of weekends to ensure that my readers are up to date on the best brunches in the city. Last weekend, I hit up City Tap House, which has debuted a brand new brunch that you will want to visit immediately.

City Tap House is known for being a great spot for watching sports, drinking beer, and eating bar snacks (hello buttery pretzel with cheese fondue!) but it also happens to be an awesome venue for brunch. On my recent visit, I was pleasantly surprised by the brunch menu which has everything from flatbreads to more traditional brunch plates to salads, and of course, bottomless mimosas.

I ordered and ate like half the menu and pretty much had to be rolled out of there, but I couldn’t help it! Everything looked so good! First, I started with the pretzel and melted cheese, a veg-n-spread plate (you can choose three from a selection of eight for $22), and cornbread. The pretzel is soft and fluffy, perfect for swirling in the luscious melted cheese and the veg plate I put together came with hunks of cauliflower served with a smoky red pepper romesco sauce, beets served in a jar with a dollop of tangy goat cheese, and super chunky, savory, spicy pimento cheese dip. The cornbread is literally to die for, it is sweet and crumbly and served with a sweet butter that is infused with honey.

Next, I sampled burrata (you can never go wrong with burrata) which comes with hunks of grilled bread, two flat breads, and the quiche. The burrata is huge serving, perfect for sharing with your dining partners. The flatbreads are basically pizzas and also good for sharing. The corn and tomato one is sweet but also spicy from jalapenos and earthy from loads of melted raclette cheese. The honey goat cheese, topped with truffle honey, pistachio pesto, rosemary, and red onions, is a local favorite: sweet, savory, nutty, and fragrant. The quiche was a surprise winner: the crust was buttery and flaky, the veggies were fresh, and the filling was creamy and light.

After that I could barely finish my mimosa (but its wrong to waste mimosas so forced it down!), so I didn’t have room for the lemon ricotta pancakes that I wanted to try, but I’ll just save for that next time. Which is probably going to be next weekend.