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I’m a minimalist, you guys. I live pretty simply (I don’t even own a kitchen table!), and I eat mainly plant-based whole foods, but there is one area where I stumble PRETTY HARD. And that is caviar. Oh my god I LOVE CAVIAR. It makes no sense in terms of my approach to 99% of the rest of my life, but it’s a fact. I can’t change it. (Trust me, I’ve tried. It’s an actual problem.)

So when I got an email inviting me to come try out a limited-run Luke’s Lobster x Petrossian collab, you better believe I said YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES!

The concept, while incredibly indulgent, is very simple: Baika caviar on top of a buttery lobster roll. HOLY YUM! 

And how’d this match-made-in-heaven pairing come to be? Well, Petrossian’s sustainability efforts struck a chord with Luke’s Lobster—the caviar brand is working hard to restore decimated sturgeon populations in the Caspian sea. V. admirable!

Now for the important part. HOW’D THE FINISHED PRODUCT TASTE? I mean, to put it directly, if I ever need a death row meal, this is 100% it. The poppy, briny caviar is perfectly balanced against the sweetness from the lobster, and all of it’s rounded out by the buttery roll. It was suggested that any leftover caviar could be scooped up by potato chips, but YA GURL HAD NO REMNANTS. We don’t fuck around when it comes to top-notch caviar, ya feel me?

The caviar lobster roll will be available through the end of the year (so get in there, ’cause it’s done in 2019, or whenever the caviar supply runs out), and while its price tag of $45-$50 might SEEM a little hefty, in actuality it’s kind of a steal. (30g of Petrossian’s Baika caviar retails for $65, and this comes with 20g ON TOP OF A FLIPPIN’ LOBSTER ROLL!) Slash, again, I would eat this every day until the end of time and be so glad about it, you don’t even understand. If you need to skip out on your sub-par fast casual salad for five days in exchange for one of these guys, it’s WORTH IT.

And now, here are the crucial location and price details! It’s available in NYC shacks on the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Plaza Hotel, and Financial District, as well as Las Vegas for $45, and in our Penn Quarter (DC) and Back Bay (Boston) shacks for $50.

I repeat: GET. IT.

Thumbnail photo via Luke’s Lobster.