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By Priya Konings

Cashion’s Eat Place has been around for a long time; in fact we have already done a TASTE TEST for them back in 2013. Recently they changed around their menu, so we thought we would stop by and check out some of the new dishes.


The new menu features appetizers and sides to share, as well as a series of small entrees. The best advice is to sit down, order a lot of food to share, roll up your sleeves and dig in.


Must-haves include crunchy lavash with tzatziki, a flavorful Greek yogurt sauce that is drizzled with fruity olive oil; crispy salt roasted potatoes with a thick, garlicky aioli; button mushrooms that are cooked with lemon and garlic, resulting in a bright, earthy dish; charred carrots served with feta, a surprising combination that is actually delicious, as the sweetness of the roasted carrots is the perfect match for the tangy, milky feta; hearty sweet potato soup that has an Asian flavor profile from cumin and chili peppers; beet salad that is served with feta. Overall, a great use of seasonal vegetables, cooked primarily with Mediterranean ingredients like lemon and feta and Greek yogurt.


Pastas and gnocchi are not as memorable; somehow a simple pesto served over noodles or gnocchi does not live up to the elegance and flavor profiles of the sides and appetizers, where a variety of herbs and spices are thoughtfully matched with the other ingredients in each dish.


For dessert, the clafoutis is a your best choice: fruity, with a cake-like texture and hint of almond, the classic French dessert is a warm, satisfying, not-overly-sweet conclusion to your meal. Alternatively, order a cheese plate, which comes with generous portions, honey, and pepper jelly.


Wine should be ordered of course, but that goes without saying, right?