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Photos By Emily Cohen, Words By Brandon Wetherbee

Is it brunch if it’s just desserts and cocktails? Is that OK? Is that a respectable thing to do? Whatever the answer is, I recommend eating desserts and drinking cocktails at Casa Oaxaca between 11am and 2pm on a weekend and calling it brunch.


I’m not nuts. The Adams Morgan restaurant does begin serving brunch this Sunday and there are actual brunch items like eggs and whatever else you want with eggs because it’s brunch and eggs are mandatory, but the desserts are what you should be ordering. And the mimosas. Order the churros and mimosas and prepare to go into a worth-it diabetic shock.


There’s nothing wrong with the egg dishes. I get it. Brunch. Eggs. It’s the standard. People like it for a good reason. But are you ordering the eggs because you really like eggs or you’re hungover? If you’re just hungover, the cornbread should do the trick.


Maybe you’re not interested in sweet. Then order the Nopales Nachos. They can be served vegan or vegetarian and will also do the job of making you feel like a human being after last night.


And there are eggs. There are always eggs at brunch. Perfectly fine eggs.


But the highlights are the desserts and cocktails. The tres leches cake and churros are two of the best Mexican desserts in the city. The cocktails are different enough to break up the monotony of drinking. If you’re looking for a smoky, scotch-y feel, you can’t go wrong with the Tepache, a drink that includes tequila, fermented pineapple juice, raw sugar and lime. If you want to slowly sip a hot (spicy, not temperature, once again, not crazy) alcoholic beverage, go for the Zuleica, a margarita with muddled jalapenos.


It’s officially spring. Your brunch options, especially in Adams Morgan, are about to expand. Casa Oaxaca will fit in quite nicely. Slightly detached from the craziness and serving a cuisine slightly harder to find in DC, the restaurant will be crowded each weekend late morning/early afternoon regardless of what they serve. You should get the churros and original cocktails. Eggs are everywhere, sadly, these are not.