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I’ve never been to Spain, but the gang at Joselito assures me that brunch really isn’t a thing there. Unlike in the States, people drink whatever they want and eat whatever they want, whenever. So when they started creating their new menu, they didn’t have a whole lot to go off of. Which is why, instead of reinventing the wheel and throwing their authenticity out the door, you’ll find their menu laced with reworked versions of their dinner specials. Sure, there are a few omelette-esque dishes and other egg heavy items, but the closer you stick to the lunch side of brunch, the better things get.


While the Joselito team were incredibly fond of the rosé they were pouring, I’m going to recommend you skip right ahead and grab one of their sangrias. The fruit is frozen into a huge chunk of ice, so as the drink melts and settles you get small doses of fruit goodness. It’s downright delightful.


I definitely recommend kicking things off with the Queso Manchego viejo. It’s a small plate, but the 1 year old Manchego cheese is so damn good. Add some sweet savory spicy tomato marmalade and you have a unbeatable combination of flavors. I’m not a huge fan of the rosemary picatostes because they’re hard to cut (so you have a better bread to cheese ration), but they have a nice texture nevertheless. The most important thing to remember is never say no to cheese.

Next, you’re going to want a salty, savory, bright bowl from heaven that is their gazpacho. Made with smoked salt cured cod, it’s everything I want in a gazpacho. It’s bright with a vinegar-y edge that make you just want more. I’m pretty sure it’s also the perfect hangover remedy… It just makes you feel more alive. I literally cannot stop thinking about it.


If you’re following my perfect meal plan (and it is perfect, if there’s anything I’m good at its ordering the best food off the menu), you should cap it all off with the Arroz Caldoso de Mariscos, or fisherman rice. After the chilled gazpacho, that warm soaked rice and meaty mussels are exactly what your stomach needs. If you’re looking for something a little more breakfast-y the Huevos fritos con Jamón Iberico y papas frita are also a good option. The simple combination of eggs, Iberico ham and fries would please almost anyone.


Joselito is a bright, airy, and gorgeous place to get brunch, if you’re nursing a hangover or just want something to make you feel a little more lively, they’ll take good care of you.

Brunch is from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday.