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Looking for an adventure in dining? I found an incredible one: The Restaurant at the Patowmack Farm. I had heard about it, I had read about it, but the words and pictures did not do this gem justice. The location, the food, and the experience are absolutely unforgettable.

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The restaurant appears out of nowhere, in the middle of the stunning scenery of Lovettsville, Virginia. About an hour outside of D.C., the massive farm hosts a glass conservatory, gazebo, and open air tent where lucky patrons can enjoy lunch, brunch, or dinner. The menu is “earth to table” where every ingredient has been foraged by the dedicated chefs of the restaurant.

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The food is wildly innovative, beautifully composed and unbelievably delicious. At brunch, I sampled savory, cream-infused cantaloupe soup that tastes and looks like liquid gold. Poured over diced cantaloupe and crunchy pistachios, it was a great opening to a fabulous meal. Crumbly corn muffins, served with house-made jam and freshly churned butter are impeccable. Brunch entrees like the okra griddle cakes showcase the kitchen’s creativity. Never in my life did I think I would eat okra pancakes, and never in my life did I think I would find them to be the best pancakes I have ever enjoyed. The fluffy pancakes are topped with sweet creamed corn and smoked parmesan; a sweet and savory dish where the okra and corn are bizarre compliments of each other. Cocktails utilize the farm’s bounty as well; the summer interlude combines lemon and rye and ginger beer for a refreshing beverage, while the days of heaven uses housemade huckleberry syrup to make a delightful gin and sparkling wine concoction. Dessert is another whirlwind of seasonal farm ingredients; the recent dessert menu included huckleberry trifle, rose sorbet, and butter cake with white nectarines and fennel confit.

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In addition to regular dining hours, the restaurant also frequently hosts dining events, like the upcoming “feast in the forest” where visitors will trek down to Catoctin Creek for family-style dinner in the forest.  Whatever the occasion, dining at this rustic venue is an absolute must your bucket list.

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