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There will soon be options other than greasy pizza and sugary donuts for your pre-flight breakfast at Reagan National Airport because Cava Grill will be serving up delicious, healthy, beautiful egg bowls and Greek yogurt bowls. The airport Cava Grill location is set to open later this month, so get pumped, and fuel up for your Economy-class, crying-kid, aero-marathon from hell with AWESOME FOOD.

The build-your-own egg bowls start with a base of either grains/rice, roasted potatoes, or baby spinach; a range of toppings like a fresh tomato and onion salsa, feta, pickled onions, banana peppers, and mint; your choice of spicy lamb meatballs, Logan’s Greek chicken sausage, beef meatballs or falafel; a drizzle of Sriracha Greek yogurt dressing, harissa, yogurt dill dressing, or lemon-herb tahini; and of course, eggs. So many possible combinations! All delicious! Or get the Greek yogurt bowl which starts with a huge dollop of yogurt, and can be topped with all or any combination of the following: blueberries, black chia seeds, granola, seasonal fruit (pears pictured below), shelled hemp hearts, and honey drizzle.

If that weren’t enough, they’ll be serving Compass coffee. There will be good coffee here! As of yet, DCA is the only location with plans to offer breakfast, so book a flight out of Terminal B and get to the Greek.