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Words by Kaylee Dugan
Photos by Armando Gallardo

The Wharf is steadily getting its shit together. The Anthem’s music calendar is in full swing, there are expensive stores selling bougie clothes / furniture / makeup, and all of those restaurants we were so excited for are slowly starting to open. Dolcezza is the latest spot to officially open their doors, and they’re going all out for their Wharf location. Sure, there’s the delicious gelato you’ve all come to know and love, but more importantly, Dolcezza is debuting an all day breakfast menu, featuring southern comfort food like fried chicken, heuvos rancheros and a bunch of other options. From breakfast sandwiches to tater tots, Dolcezza is gunning for that breakfast crowd.

Before we dive into the food, let’s take a brief moment to talk about how the space. Dolcezza has always had well designed locations, from their clean and minimalist Georgetown spot to the rustic Dolcezza factory near Eastern Market, every location has a distinct personality. In my opinion, this is their most beautiful shop yet. Inspired by traditional Japanese interior design, the space features a good deal of matte wood. Parts of the walls, and all of the floors, ceilings, tables and chairs are wooden. Paired with the bright white walls and the large windows, the store is airy and bright, while still feeling cozy. The design team used around 10 different types of wood in the space, and while mixing wood is usually something any interior designer would avoid, all of the warm colors work well together. It helps that the wood is the main focal point of the store. There’s nothing else to district you from the craftsmanship.


Similarly, Dolcezza is keeping their breakfast menu simple. We kicked things off with their eggy in a basket breakfast bowl, which features everything you’d imagine would be in an egg in a basket. Although it’s advertised as coming with crispy chicken skins, ours came with maple bacon that we scarfed down immediately. Besides the bacon, the dish is a very simple combination of bread and egg, and while I wouldn’t order it again (because it’s too damn easy to make at home) if it’s something you’re really craving, this should satisfy. The other bowl we tried, the steak and egg bowl was probably our favorite breakfast item. Combining egg, short rib, a cilantro slaw and your choice of bread, it was a little hardier, while still maintaining those classic breakfast flavors.


If you’re a breakfast sandwich fiend like I am, the breakfast croissant is a good option. It has your classic egg and cheese, but there’s also crispy prosciutto, avocado, romaine and a Sriracha mayo in the mix. Depending on how comfortable you are making a mess of your face, this might be a sandwich you want to tame with a knife and fork because the fillings are a little much for the small and delicate croissant bread, but it’s a delicious mix regardless. As a side note, none of the plates are especially big here. So if you’re a big breakfast eater, or you’re trying to get the most amount of food for your money (aka every time I’m eating breakfast after a night of drinking), Dolcezza shouldn’t be your first stop. This is however a great choice if you want a little bit of breakfast so you can make room for a side of tots and ice cream. It’s all about your priorities.


What I’m saying is that no matter the time of day, you should order tator tots and ice cream. The tots are crispy and hell on the outside, soft and heavenly on the inside and the Sriracha mayo they come with is spicy and fatty in the best way. Pair them with a soft serve dip cone or one of their new milkshakes and you’re good to go. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make me their chocolate milkshake while I was there (I’m a fiend for chocolate milkshakes), but their mascarpone and berries milkshake 100% made up for it. It was creamy, refreshing and the combination of the tart berries and the mild mascarpone was a hit. It also looks beautiful. Just like everything else here.

The new Dolcezza is officially open today (December 22) and they’re giving away free soft serve from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.! Run there now and make sure you get that dip cone.

Dolcezza is located at 99 District Square SW. Hours can be found here.