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By Priya Konings

Spring is here! And it’s. About. Time. To celebrate, consider heading over to Blue Duck Tavern to sit on their terrace, sample their new cocktail, the Southern Blossom, and indulge in some of their new spring dishes. The food, like the cocktail, is beautiful, seasonal, and screams springtime. Or at least, it will make you want to scream springtime while jumping up and down and pumping your fists in the air.


The new dishes are vegetable heavy, perfect for the warmer weather. One of the highlights is a baby carrot salad with different colored carrots served whole, shaved, and pureed. Fennel, orange, and olive oil croutons are also involved, making it a crunchy, sweet and savory springtime dish.


The asparagus salad is equally as fresh and delicious, with white and green asparagus spears. The dish is surprisingly spicy, with chili lime vinaigrette, edible flowers, and nutty parmesan cheese. It manages to be woody, citrusy, and satisfying all at the same time.


Another gorgeous salad is a gem lettuce salad, which is comprised of grilled lettuce, beautiful purple radishes, pickled ramps, sugar snap peas, green peas, and a green goddess sauce. I don’t really know what goes in a green goddess sauce but it sounds divine and tastes even better.


One of the heartier new menu items is a gold rice pea risotto, with parmesan cheese, chanterelle mushrooms, and whole peas as a garnish. It is a savory-creamy-luscious concoction that you absolutely have to try.


Moving on to the sweeter end of things, Pastry Chef Naomi Gallego never disappoints and her new desserts are no exception. Mint chocolate chip push up ice cream pops are to die for. The ice cream is absolutely the mintiest mint chocolate chip in town, and the chocolate chips are sweet and plentiful. Be sure to double fist, because one is just not enough. Chef Naomi doesn’t mind.

Her tartlets are equally as good, with a perfect scoop of strawberry mousse set on top of silky rhubarb within a crumbly tart shell. She is also offering vanilla bean bean religieuses, which is a double decker French pastry filled with custard and decorated to the nines.


Every dish is worth a try, but the desserts are essential.