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Blue Duck Tavern recently hired a new cheesemonger, Sophie Slesinger, and so of course I went to over to BDT to meet her and learn more about cheese. Ok, fine so I really went so she could give me with some great stinky cheeses to sample, which, I am happy to report, she did.

Slesinger didn’t just recommend some cheeses, what she did was put together a fantastic plate of some of her favorite cheeses with three beers. Cheese + beer pairings is the new thing by the way, in case you didn’t know. Slesinger has created an extensive cheese list for BDT so when you stop by their lounge you can put together your own cheese plate or ask her to create one.
The cheeses she selected included a house cured feta, which was tangy and milky, with a hint of spiciness from the spices and herbs it was cured with; a creamy camembert; a luscious, earthy cow’s milk cheese similar to a brie; a nutty sheep’s milk cheese with a firm, chewy texture; and finally a decadent blue cheese, paired with a dark tout beer. The tasting started with two lighter beers, which were great for the younger and creamier cheeses.


Accompaniments to Slesinger’s cheese plates include crusty bread, nuts, mustard, pickles, dried fruit, and pickled veggies. If beer isn’t your thing, a wine pairing is also optional.


Head over to BDT anytime for a cheese pairing and an opportunity to meet Slesinger, who loves to talk about—you guessed it—all things cheese.