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What’s great about Bindaas Foggy Bottom is that is has a different vibe than the original Bindaas (bigger, better for groups, less intimate) and the menu has a few new items but all your favorite gems from the original are still there.

I am a huge fan of the avocado golgappas (hollowed out puffed crackers) that are delicately filled with avocado, creamy whipped yogurt, and tamarind chutney, as well as the mushroom kathi roll, where a spicy mushrooms are enrobed in a buttery paratha (an Indian bread). Both of these are on the menu at the original Bindaas and I as very relieved to see I can get them at both locations.


New stand-out dishes that you can only find at Bindaas Foggy Bottom include a bangin’ veggie karee, where hunks of paneer and veggies like green beans and peas and cauliflower come swimming in a savory, spicy gravy, ladled over saffron rice.


Cauliflower pakora is equally as awesome; it features pieces of cauliflower batter and fried and served with a pickled onion-infused dipping sauce.


I was also impressed with the wada pav, which is essentially an Indian slider; a veggie and potato patty is served on small buttery bun with a dollop of cilantro chutney. Chili fries are the perfect accompaniment to the slider, they are spicy and fragrant and hot. They come with “Indian” ketchup, which is sweeter and smoother than American ketchup. Uttapam, kind of like a warm rice cake, are always an essential dish to order; try the spinach one, it is super earthy and hearty.

For dessert, go with the sticky pudding cake, made with dates and chocolate, crowned with a scoop of ice cream, and served on a liquid blanket of raspberry sauce. It’s incredibly decadent. We recommend it with a glass of port.


The menu at Bindaas Foggy Bottom is an awesome compilation of street snacks; a welcome departure from the classic North Indian dishes you see on most of the menus of Indian restaurants in D.C.