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Union Market is one of my favorite spots in D.C. to spend an afternoon, so I decided it was high time I checked out the brunch at Union Market’s sit-down restaurant Bidwell.

Mimosas and Bloody Marys are of course free-flowing, and offered for just $20, but it’s the food that is really important.


The menu is marked by highs and lows: a raclette grilled cheese is buttery and comforting, but the poached egg on top is way, way too undercooked (the white part of the egg was completely translucent). Seasonal salads like the summer peach salad are bright and flavorful and showcase the bounty from the restaurant’s rooftop garden. Although the peach slices were sparse, the greens were well-dressed greens and the ricotta cheese was the perfect garnish. Burrata served with crostini and tomatoes is decadent and creamy (albeit a massive portion, and perhaps more cream cheese-like than burrata-like, but it was still tasty and perfect for sharing with the table). Asparagus soup was a little bland and far too watery, but the crispy deviled eggs are the perfect hangover cure: be sure to douse them in the creamy buttermilk dressing that comes on the side. The drunken bean dip is anther great sharing dish: onion-y and liquid-y, with dollops of cheese and loads of cilantro. The stuffed zucchini flower are also hearty, with a meaty mushroom and goat cheese filling.

Ultimately, the sharing dishes seem to be the highlight as opposed to the entrees, so order a bunch of those and brunch away!