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With the dreary weather and the terrible headlines, I thought maybe our loyal BYT readers could use a bit of holiday cheer. And boy do I have some: Beverage Director Tim Hayes of Ashok Bajaj’s Italian restaurant Bibiana has created 25 new, fabulous, seasonal, boozy beverages  for the holiday season.


The restaurant will introduce one new cocktail every evening until December 24th, so if you want to sample all 25 you will have to go to Bibiana on Christmas Eve. Each cocktail is $12 and, having sampled many of them, delicious and festive.


Here is a run down of my favorites: First, the Italian 75. It’s made with gorgeous fresh squeezed OJ, gin, and prosecco. Refreshing and perfect. Can I drink one every day? For something the opposite, try the Hot Buttered Rum. The butter is infused with nutmeg and other winter spices, then melted into a glass of hot water, rum, with some brown sugar added for sweetness. It is coziness in a cup.


The Cranberry Smash was the biggest hit among my fellow drinkers. It’s made with bourbon and orange bitters and rye soaked cranberries. It has a heady nature to it, wonderfully seasonal with the orange and bourbon and cranberries. It especially boozy, for any one who wants to get drunk or wants to avoid any “girly” drinks. Another orange and bourbon concoction is the Acero Sprezzatura, lighter than the Cranberry Smash. The bourbon and orange juice are combined with maple syrup and amaro. If you start falling asleep, just order the Bibiana Corrtteto. It has espresso with a kick and a frothy top that will wake you right back up so you can drink even more!


For the last act, get the Spicy Hot Chocolate. Brandy, cocoa, and cardamom infused marshmallows the size of your face. Happy. Holidays.