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By Priya Konings

Sometimes you need to go out for a really extravagant meal. Maybe you’re celebrating an anniversary. Maybe you got a new job. Maybe you just want to throw down for a damn good Italian meal in a classy venue. At BYT we are here to help you find a spot for every occasion. And if what you are looking for is a fabulous, fancy dining experience, Bibiana is your place. The pristine dining room is surpassed only by the impeccable service, and in turn, the food and wine trump all. See the pictures below, and my point will be proven.


The menu at Bibiana opens with a series of antipasti. The only dilemma is deciding which ones to sample. The burrata is an obvious choice, a pillowy round of burrata is accompanied by eggplant jam and drizzled with sweet balsamic vinegar. Arancini, fried risotto fritters, are a quick trip to heaven; the perfectly circular balls come with luscious melted interior and are served on top of a sweet tomato sauce. Ricotta crostini is a colorful piece of artwork on a plate, and fried artichoke are a crunchy dream.


Once you have stuffed yourself to the gills with the antipasti, order one (or many! they come in half portions!) of the many house made pasta dishes. Ricotta gnocchi are light and fluffy dumplings, drenched in a mushroom butter sauce, while beet stuffed ravioli is decadent and delicious. Mushroom risotto with mascarpone and orecchiette with butter beans are equally as good. Gluten-free diners, don’t worry, Executive Chef Jake Addeo has devised the perfect gluten-free pastas so you too can satisfy your pasta craving.


For dessert, a cheese plate is a spectacular option, with choices like nutty pecorino, sweet gorgonzola, and soft, meaty ribiola. But, if you crave something sweet there is plenty to choose from. Chocolate lovers, get the crespelle. Crepes are stuffed with a liquidly chocolate crocolate cream and then enrobed in another layer of chocolate. Mind.Numbingly.Good, House made meringue, and the gelatos are also sinfully good.


For beverages, there are cocktails, but nothing will complement your food like wine from their immaculate wine list. If you need a recommendation, just ask and the sommelier will be more than happy to help. Come up with something to celebrate and go eat at Bibiana today.