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Not all comfort food will make you feel better. Even though you want to eat greasy and fried, a healthy meal will actually make you feel better. Plus, you want to take care of your health so you can be around to vote in four years! For something healthy and delicious, head over to Beefsteak for their awesome new fall salads and soups. Also, owner José Andrés put a lot on the line for this election. He feels your pain.

The new fall menu has three major highlights: Kale’d It, Cauli-Power, and Oh My Squash. The Kale’d It is a green powerhouse, with field greens, kale and edamame tossed in a fragrant soy ginger sauce. The greens are adorned with tomatoes and radishes, sprinkled with sunflower seeds and topped with a tart seaweed salad. It is fresh and has all the all the signature Asian flavors: sesame oil, seaweed, ginger, and soy sauce.

The Cauli-Power is even better, a hearty mix of greens, roasted cauliflower, mushrooms, and buffalo mozzarella doused in a sweet and tart fig-infused balsamic vinaigrette. Cherry tomatoes add color and a burst of sweet freshness, while corn nuts add an addictive crunch. This salad is ridiculously good, and while I rarely find a salad to be satisfying enough to be a whole meal, this one fits the bill.

The Oh My Squash is a soup-salad combination, perfect for the chilly fall days. The butternut squash soup is sweet, silky and a great base for broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and green beans. Cranberries add an element of sweetness and a lemon dressing brings a brightness to the dish.

When I first wrote about Beefsteak, back when the first location opened, someone told me my piece was a love letter to José Andrés. Well, let this be my second love letter. Beefsteak has grown beyond my expectations and continues to put forth delicious, healthy, environmentally friendly fast casual fare where anyone –vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free—can partake in the dining experience. Inclusion— what a concept.