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As of this posting, there are 6 opportunities between now and Halloween to get a seat and enjoy the 80s Inspired Cocktails at Barmini. There are more than 6 reasons to try to get a seat at Barmini.

The temporary cocktails are more inspired than 80s, which is a very good thing. The 80s were a low point for cocktail culture. The 80s were the lowest point in cocktail culture. If you don’t believe us, ask any bartender or mixologist. It was a time of sugary drinks for people in their suburban basements. We’re in the midst of another golden age of cocktails so Barmini is taking the inspiration of those sugary drinks and making them from scratch. You’re able to drink a piña colada made with restaurant made coconut cream at Barmini. It does not taste like a typical piña colada. It’s very good. Within that drink is a restaurant made strawberry daiquiri made from 100s of strawberries. It’s also very good. That drink is called Miami Vice and is served in a skull. It’s very good.


The quality level is not a good reason to write about Barmini. Barmini always has amazing cocktails. What’s worth mentioning is the pomp and circumstance with these drinks. If you’re able to get one of the 6 seatings and can only stay for one drink, go with the Divine Wind. The drink changes colors. You’re presented with a lovely blue drink (that’s not something we usually write).


Then the color is sucked out.


Then it’s sprayed with not perfume.


And everyone in the very small room is memorized like a child. It’s a drink that’s very easy to consume and very easy to enjoy.

If you only have time for one drink and it’s colder outside, consider the Black & White Russian. White Russians are typically awful. They’re heavy and full of cream and should make you feel sick. This is different. It has a coffee feel rather than a heavy dairy feel. Hopefully it’ll remain on the menu for colder months.

The desert drink of the bunch is the Blue Hawaiian. Made in front of you with dry ice, the surprisingly smooth beverage is excellent for sharing and being enveloped in a foggy haze.


You don’t need a good reason to visit Barmini. If you can get a seat at Barmini, you should go. There happen to be six more good reasons* to visit Barmini through October 31.

*If you’re hungry, order the Philly Waffle. Yes, this piece is about their 80s inspired cocktails but it’d be a shame to write about Barmini and not mention this small plate.