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Photos By Andy DelGiudice, Words By Brandon Wetherbee

Bar Dupont always appears to be full. A mix of tourists and businessmen populate the hotel bar most evenings. With new Beverage Program Director Jonathan Yeronick and his fall cocktail menu, the Bar and Cafe may find a new crowd.

The six new drinks on the menu will appeal to the classic cocktail fan (Fig Old Fashioned, Remember The Maine) and the seasonal party drinker (Pumpkin Chai).

Fig Old Fashioned


The fig and bitters come through clearly. The Makers Mark based cocktail doesn’t taste much like Makers Mark. If you’re looking for a nightcap, you can’t do much better than this.

Fig Old Fashioned1

Jill Scott

Named after the soul singer because both Scott and Bluecoat Gin are from Philadelphia. Another comfortable cocktail.

Jill Scott

Shield Jaguar

A great cold weather drink. The cinnamon stands out and the rum is hidden, a dangerous combination. The house made grenadine is a nice touch.

Shield Jaguar2Shield Jaguar3

Remember The Maine

The highlight of the menu but there’s no way this becomes the hit of the menu (keep reading to see why). Do you like rye whiskey? If you like rye whiskey (you should), you’ll enjoy this cocktail. It’s similar to a sazarac and who doesn’t like cocktails that taste like cocktails?

The Maine2

Pumpkin Chai

This orange, and we mean ORANGE, colored drink can be served cold or hot and will be Bar Dupont’s big hit of the season. It’s fall’s version of eggnog. It’s the drink people that crave pumpkin spiced lattes will enjoy. It’s the drink non-drinkers will enjoy. It’s so orange.

Pumpkin Chai Cold1The Maine3Pumpkin Chai Cold2