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If you are looking for a bottomless brunch option in D.C. that serves food beyond your run-of-the-mill eggs and pancakes, Ankara your place.



At this Turkish restaurant you can enjoy bottomless mimosas, Bloody Marys, and house rail drinks, while indulging in endless Turkish small plates, for $37. As you peruse the menu and discuss your options with your friends servers will bring a variety of dips and Turkish snacks to your table including creamy hummus, rich labneh, and slabs of Turkish cheeses, complete with a basket of freshly made pita bread.



As for the dishes on the menu, the best item I sampled was easily the ispanakli pide. Housemade bread is topped with spinach, leeks, and heaps of melted cheese; it’s like a earthy, flavorful Turkish pizza. Also worth trying: scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions, sigara boregi, which are phyllo wrapped cheese cigars, a watermelon salad with pistachios and feta, fried eggplant doused in a tangy greek yogurt sauce, and for dessert, of course baklava. The baklava at Ankara is made with pistachios instead of walnuts and is seriously some of the best baklava in town. Get one for yourself instead of sharing.


The Turkish tea is also delicious, and goes really well with the desserts. So skip the pancakes this week and have brunch like the Turks do! You won’t regret it.