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The life of a food writer and photographer for BYT is not hard. I know, it’s shocking. But truth be told, it’s a damn good life. And I was reminded of this on Saturday, when I had one of the most epic brunches at Alta Strada.

Why so epic? The food is divine. Beyond that, it’s the choices. I love brunching (yes, it’s a verb now), but I think brunch menus should go beyond eggs. At Alta Strada, there are eggs, savory and sweet brunch pizzas, and an entire lunch menu you can choose from. It’s awesome. Drinks are essential to any good brunch, and at Alta Strada there are mimosas with fresh squeezed juice (fuck Tropicana) and negronis on tap.

Let’s talk about what I ate. When I go through the litany of deliciousness you are going to wonder what I didn’t eat. We started with the burrata salad, which is significant enough to be a meal, but is also ideal for sharing. The burrata is oh-so-creamy, and the grilled bread is the perfect vehicle for getting that cheese into your mouth asap. Next, an uber satisfying ricotta and egg pizza, dotted with tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and parsley.


There is a veggie frittata that is fresh and flavorful, full of just the right amount of veggies and seasoning. House made pasta is another highlight; spaghetti is tossed in a gorgeous, garlicky, slight spicy Pomodoro sauce. On the sweet side is Nutella crepes with caramelized bananas and a decadent fig and mascarpone pizza that we pretty much died for.

The space is beautiful and modern, and it’s not disturbingly loud like many brunch spots (I seriously had an anxiety attack a few weeks ago when I tried to have brunch at Provisions 14. It’s a brunch riot up in there). The booths are so cozy you may or may not be tempted to take a nap in them after you stuff your face and consume numerous beverages, but that may be frowned upon. Once it cools down you can also dine outside.

This is an Italian brunch experience that you need in your life! Immediately!