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One of the reasons why I love brunch so much is that it can offer so much: sweet bites, breakfast dishes, and heartier lunch fare. Not all restaurants take advantage of the opportunity to offer such a variety of dishes, but when they do, it’s a win. At All-Purpose Pizzeria, there are choices for any kind of brunch you are craving.

I recently went with my husband and we kicked off our meal with fried artichokes, because, well, every good meal starts with something fried. These babies are fried to perfection, served on top of a bold romesco sauce, and drizzled with an ramp-infused ranch dressing. Forget your fork, just eat these artichokes with your fingers so you can swirl them in the duo of sauces.


Next, we went for a Bayside pizza. The pizzas at All-Purpose are New Jersey style pizzas, so the crust is thicker than a Neapolitan pizza. Tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese are simply topped with fragrant oregano and basil, making for a classic and delicious pizza. With it, we got the Strata, a baked egg dish laden with broccoli, onions, two different kinds of cheese and fresh herbs like chives. The dish has a gorgeous, crispy golden crust, while the inside of the casserole is fluffy, light, and savory. To really take things over the top we got the fried potatoes too, which come with a luscious gorgonzola sauce drizzled on top.


Since we were on a one-way train straight to gluttony, we decided to get dessert too. I don’t know what was better: the marvelously creamy strawberry soft serve, crowned with crumbled shortcake and a dollop of whipped cream; a rainbow cake that was so stunning I didn’t want to cut into it but once I did, I couldn’t stop shoving in my mouth; or the bombolini, billowing Italian donuts that ooze a luxurious Nutella cream as soon as you bite into them. You can make a meal from the desserts alone.


For a refreshing Italian beverage to enjoy with brunch get the cello spritz; limoncello and prosecco combined is the best way to kick off a Sunday morning. You can’t go wrong with the bellini either. I’ll let the pictures take over.