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Photos By Armando Gallardo, Words By Julie Espinosa

What used to be The Reef, a sticky-floored dance club with fish tanks lining the walls, has become Roofers Union, a fantastic restaurant and bar with live music, great service and a beer selection that will have more than one making it their to-go place.


With temperatures continuing to rise and beer lovers hardly waiting to try this new place, Roofers Union decided to host a four course dinner paired with 5 exquisitely crafted 3 Stars beers this past Wednesday.

For the reasonable price of 60 bucks, guests were treated to a deliciously colorful summer menu and the appropriate beers selected by Roofers Union Beer Director, Dave Delaplaine, and 3 Stars brewery founders, Dave Coleman and Mike McGarvey. As the dishes and drinks started to emerge, Deplaine, Colleman and McGarver explained what brought the two companies together and gave a bit of the history behind the manufacturing process of each of the beers.


“It’s not traditional approach, instead we stand tradition on it’s head by attempting to do something different” said one of the 3 Stars founders when explaining what made their beer different than the rest. They mentioned that it was their young, informed, beer-conoseur consumer based that inspires them to continue to innovate and come up with revolutionary blends.

The dinner started with a striped bass with heirloom tomatoes, peaches and capers mixed in a smooth sauce which was paired with the 3 Stars Barrel-aged moon, a light blood orange tasting beer, which had the attendees instantly hooked.


For the next course, the guest were delighted with a housemade farfalle with poached shrimp on the top, and grilled corn, and pickle watermelon on the bottom, mixed with a basil-based sauce. This was matched with the 3 Stars Samsquanch beer, a white IPA with tropical citrus and a bit more bitter than the previous beer.

For the main course, a leg of lamb on top of a loukaniko was served. Mixed with path valley beans and roasted squash this course provoked more than one comment of approval from the crowd. The course was matched with 3 Stars Queen of the Damned and Madness on Makers. The queen of the damned was a dark, boozy southern bell made with toasted pecans in knob creek whiskey barrels. As for the Madness on Makers, the beer is known for its production during the winter, an ale aged in makers marked barrels to give it its distinctive taste.


After this out-of-this-world menu, the chef finished it all of with a dessert concoction made for the gods, which left us wondering what have we done to be treated to such a delightful treat. It was as if we were treated to heaven on such a hellish summer night. The dessert consisted of a fudge brownie with caramelized banana, peanut brittle, and dulce de leche ice cream. If that doesn’t make your mouth water, then you have no taste, and no soul. This was masterfully paired with a 3 Stars Pandemic porter with cocoa nibs on a cask.


3 stars founders, Colleman and McGarver, explained that by ‘casting’ beer one gets more of the essence of it and allows for the fermentation process to continue while becoming carbonated in the cask. “A mark of a good beer bar is the addition of a cask on-site,” he added.

After the dinner was all devoured and done the guests couldn’t resist to put their hands together to what certainly was a delightful and creatively paired summer menu. We can only hope for this not to be the last time culinary deliciousness meets creative beer crafting at Roofers Union. We will surely be on the lookout for any further sightings of the next time these two meet.