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1789 Restaurant is one of those elegant, high-end dining venues that you only think of indulging in when your parents are in town because they’ll pay for you and that’s the only time you can afford to eat somewhere so decadent. Well, times are a-changin. This summer 1789 has decided to make their culinary wonders available for all: by offering a $48 three course summer savings menu. Even better, this does not mean you get some sub-par pre-set menu. Rather, you get to choose three courses from their current menu, which has plenty of mouth-watering options.

Just to be sure, I went over to sample some of their summer dishes and I am happy to report everything I devoured at this DC institution was delectable. Not only is the food divine to eat, but Chef Kim has an artist’s touch when it comes to presentation. His summer melon salad is a painter’s palate of the most beautiful summer hues, with perfect spheres of honeydew and cantaloupe, dollops of creamy ricotta cheese, a drizzle of basil oil and little sprigs of baby arugula that adorn the plate. It’s the ultimate feast for the eyes and palate. An equally delightful dish features gorgeous gargenelli pasta tossed with locally foraged mushrooms, and garnished with bright meyer lemon confit, sweet peas, and freshly grated parmesan cheese. It’s silky and savory and perfect. The mushrooms have a personality all on their own. Another similarly stunning dish is the summer squash gateau, where the Chef creates a lattice of zucchini and squash over a filling of hearty lentils, all served on top of a sweet tomato and mango compote. It is wonderfully creative, both in its construction and in its flavor profile.


For dessert, you can’t go wrong no matter which dish you go with. A lemon tart is sweet and tart and creamy and amazing. Almond creme brulee with luscious cherry sorbet and roasted cherries is an ode to the season’s best fruit. And the campfire sundae is an adult version of your favorite childhood dessert.


One more thing not to miss: The best goddam French 75 in town. Tattinger, served in a coupe with a twist of lemon and a mini gin popsicle. It’s literally genius.