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Although I work right next to 14K Restaurant (located in The Hamilton Hotel) I had never been, which is a damn shame because it’s a great happy hour spot with good food, awesome cocktails, and one of the best desserts in town.

I went by after work last week, and the bar area was packed with happy hour revelers, but the dining room still had plenty of open spots. My friend and I grabbed a table and started by ordering beverages. I went with the $15 wine flight special, while my friend got an boozy bourbon and bitters drink.

For food we started with a crunchy romaine Greek salad, drenched in a creamy tahini sauce, and hummus served with fresh veggies. Next, we moved on to a seriously decadent six-cheese ravioli. Three giant raviolis are stuffed with melted cheese, and doused in a wonderful savory tomato sauce. I love it when the sauce is still chunky. The dish is full of edamame and crowned with sauteed greens and then sprinkled with even more cheese. It is a comfort dish like no other! We also had a side of broccolini cooked with garlic on the side, because more greens means less guilt over the copious amounts of cheese.

I will say, as delicious as everything was, the best part of the meal was hands-down the dessert. We had a hard time deciding (apple crepes! fondue!) but ultimately went with the white chocolate skillet cookie topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce. It.was.divine.

If you don’t have time for dinner, just get a cocktail and the skillet cookie, and I swear, all of your problems will disappear. Looks like I have a new spot for after work drinks and food (and dessert!) with my colleagues.