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Please don’t ask me how I ever stumble onto things, you guys. My YouTube algorithm is usually off the charts bananas, but sometimes it pays dividends! 

This past weekend I started watching Taskmaster, a British game show originally created by comedian Alex Horne back in 2010 during Edinburgh Fringe that was adapted for TV in 2015. Greg Davies (The Inbetweeners, Cuckoo, Man Down) hosts the series as The Taskmaster alongside his “assistant” (the aforementioned Alex Horne), and each season features a different panel of comedians as they try to complete a variety of bonkers challenges.

And when I say bonkers, I mean bonkers. The tasks they’re given are generally pretty broad to interpretation, which is what makes the comedians’ efforts so hilarious, but they’ve been asked to do everything from “MAKE THE BEST CIRCLE” (???) to “DESTROY THIS CAKE IN THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WAY” to “COLLECT AS MUCH SWEAT INTO THIS EGG CUP AS YOU CAN IN 20 MINUTES”. The more creative and outside the box they get the better (generally), and it’s p. much the most amusing thing I’ve watched in a long, long time. PURE JOY, I TELL YA!

One of the funniest aspects of the show (in my opinion) is that the comedians are playing for the shittiest prizes each episode, which THEY bring in. They’re given a different prompt each time, like “Bring in the best sheep-related thing!” or “Bring in the most flamboyant clock!” or “Bring in an unusual, autographed vegetable!” (Like, what does that even mean?!) So the things they bring in are a hilarious collection of objects that, generally, nobody would ever want, but Greg awards them points from best to worst, and from then on we’re off to the races in terms of the scoreboard standings. 

Basically, imagine a task-based version of Cards Against Humanity, and that’s a close approximation of what this show is. IT’S INCREDIBLE! And the panels are always pretty ace, with past guests having included Mel Giedroyc, Aisling Bea, Noel Fielding, James Acaster, Hugh Dennis…the list goes on and on. 

And you can watch all of S1-S4 for free on the Taskmaster YouTube channel right now! Heck yes! 

I just can’t believe it’s taken me this long to realize this show is a thing, hence I am spreading ye olde good news. PREPARE TO BE V. ENTHRALLED!