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Words Elsie Yang, quotes from Becky Waddell, images from District Mineral

If there is one truth that we have converged upon in 2020, it is that time is a construct. So while tomorrow (September 22nd) marks the autumn equinox, you are not alone (or crazy) if you’re under the impression that the summer equinox was basically yesterday. To help you cope with the roller coaster that has been this year, you may want to take the equinox as an opportunity to reflect and look inward—looking outward, after all, is a bit of a trying exercise for many of us these days (RIP RBG). And for those of us looking for a bit of external help, crystals may just do the trick. 

For the uninitiated, the fall equinox not only marks the end of summer, but is, scientifically speaking, the moment when the sun intersects with the plane of the Earth’s equator. For us, that means that the day and night are almost exactly the same length. It is (or ought to be) a moment of balance and calm, and to ground yourself in the wonders of the planet.

Our friends at Take Care, a holistic spa and wellness retailer of natural skincare, beauty, and of course, crystal products (District Mineral), have rounded up a few suggestions on the best crystals for capturing the essence of the equinox and grounding yourself in the natural wonders of the earth. 

“I think for many of my clients, being in the presence of a crystal is soothing, focusing, grounding and meditative, and in that way, they are an invitation to take the time to be present with yourself and pursue your personal betterment,” Becky Waddell, Take Care founder told us. “With that in mind, I appreciate the following crystals for this massive seasonal and social and political transition we are about to enter.” 

Stilbite: “This is a personal favorite because it is associated with universal love, compassion, and empathy. We all need this so deeply right now; for ourselves and for our fellow humans, whom it is so easy to view with anger or disdain. As we transition into fall, I can see this beautiful, fluffy and peachy crystal being such a wonderful reminder to give ourselves grace in all the ways; to be forgiving of our imperfections – as we always should be, but especially now, as we try to forge ahead with a new normal.”

Amethyst: “Arguably the most popular crystal ever, the amethyst is associated with harnessing our own power and warding off negative energy. As we transition into fall, and potentially feel overwhelmed by the onset of one crisis after the next, amethyst offers a bolster to our emotional strength—a little crystal encouragement. I love considering this crystal for the person who feels especially susceptible to fear or anxiety from the news since it is a crystal of empowerment.”

Sphalerite: “A deep, shiny and intense mineral, sphalerite is associated with focus, manifestation and power. Talk about a useful piece for these transitional times! I would consider sphalerite a wonderful choice for anyone who has to pursue their work with laser like focus, despite everything else going on. It also may support one’s need to stay true to their own personal work during the equinox. Sphalerite is best for someone who appreciates the self reflection aspect of the season but needs a little support in staying true to their path. Most of our sphalerite comes from the revered Elmwood Mine in Tennessee.”

In terms of placement, Becky recommends using crystals as intentional display pieces. “If you have a space near your bedside to keep a piece that soothes, or an area in your office where you pause to meditate, they are wonderful anchors for any self reflection or refocusing we need,” she tells us. Other crystal aficionados keep small pieces of crystal in their pocket so that they are always near their energy, but as Becky notes, how you interact with your crystals is an entirely personal choice. 

Happy Equinox, and be sure to check out Take Care Shop and District Mineral.