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Drink Company has a surprise up their sleeves. Less than a week after opening their annual Cherry Blossom Pop Up Bar, they’re pulling back the curtain on the third bar space (AKA the old Eat the Rich location) and debuting PUBLIN, an Irish take on springtime.

Walk through the door and you’re immediately greeted by a wave of shamrocks creeping up the wall and golden, geometric slivers of honeycomb. The neon Jameson signs make it feel like you’re a bug in someones small city garden, but if you wander into the backroom, you’ll finally find that pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. And by pot o’ gold, we mean a fantastic opportunity to get an Instagram selfie and by end of the rainbow, we mean a sick 180 degree photo booth.

With this final addition, you can now bounce from D.C. to Japan to Dublin without ever stepping foot on a plane (or trying to remember where you stashed your passport). As Paul Taylor (head of bar concepts) explained, it’s like the District’s very own version of Epcot. Here’s to a very drunk and very beautiful spring.

PUBLIN is open March 7 through April 21.

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