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BYT Interview: Gwar

After nearly 30 years (and countless gallons of blood and slime) Lord Oderus Urungus and crew are still up to the task. Visiting the 9:30 Club this Thursday night, on the eve of humanity’s destruction, we thought it wise to consult the mutant entity that has proclaimed our end so entertainingly....

LiveDC: GWAR @ 930 Club

Their 930 Club performance was highly entertaining and though confusing at times to see a skinned Jesus Christ and Hitler (kind of) do battle with Oderus, the effect was weirdly charming. We decided to mark the occasion of GWAR’s 930 Club show with a little color commentary. What is BYT if not told in pictures? What is GWAR if not painted in blood and commentary? No hard thinking, just the facts!...