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First of all, thank you! Thank you for clicking on this page. Thank you for supporting us, reading us and enjoying what everything we’ve done over the years. Without you, BYT as a business, would not exist. We built this entire ship on community: the human need to be with each other, communicate with each other, support each other. And community, when times are uncertain, is more important than ever.

BYT makes our living off of things that are currently non-existent as a source of income (arts, events, arts and event advertising and marketing). The impact has already been tremendous and we’ve had to say goodbye to team members that have been with us for years.


Still, we are here for you during this time, providing (hopefully) useful information, positive energy and, yes, community. If you’d like to support the work we do, please help by pre-purchasing an event ticket or by donating to keep our team going! We don’t want anything for free (and we understand that everyone needs help) so our hope is to exchange your hard earned money for something that WILL bring you value or joy in the future.

Because helping the community in this wild time is also important – a portion of your support will also go directly to both We Are Family DC and No Kid Hungry, to help care for our most vulnerable community members.


And again, thank you for everything.