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By Haywood Turnipseed Jr

I’m an old Hip-Hop Head, like real old, I’m mean ‘over- 25-get ya-handz-up old’.


So when I was offered the opportunity to introduce hip-hop artist and Washington Slizzard affiliate Ras Neybu, I jumped at the chance. If you’re not familiar with the name Ras Neybu yet, no worries, you soon will be.

Neybu is part of the new generation of hip-hop Artist and has come into the business well prepared. A self-producing artist with musical influences that range from Bob Marley and Peter Tosh to Pete Rock and Camp-Lo. These musical influences’ can be heard in his music and lyrics in songs like “Futuristic Black Man.”

The lyrics, to “Futuristic Black Man” are so on fire that Wale had to tweet them to his followers, stamping Neybu, in the process.


Hell yeah, this kid is sayin’ somethin’. Big Ups!!!

I was able to talk with Ras Neybu about performing at Brightest Young Things Super Sampler Series alongside some of the hottest, and coolest, artists from the DMV.

How do you feel about being selected to perform, at the Howard Theatre, for the BYT Super Sampler?

Good, I’m always ready to perform. If someone called me up, with a check, for a show right now, I’m up-and-leaving this interview. Lol.

How important is your stage show to your brand?

It’s the most important part; Busta Rhymes is my number one stage influence, and he leaves it all out there. Im’ma leave it all out there.


What exactly are the ‘Washington Slizzards?’

It’s a creative collective, a young gorilla organization. Visual artists, roducers, and MC’s, who have come together, to share talents, and aid one another in marketing. Our biggest influence is Native Tongues which featured A Tribe Called Quest, Leader of the New School, Jungle Brothers, and Queen Latifah, to name a few.

What’s industry rule #4080?

LOL… yes they are. My Baba (Father) always taught me to look a man in the eye, and I keep my 3rd eye open!

Big ups, the force is strong in this one.

Check out Ras Neybu on soundcloud where songs like “Futuristic Black Man” and “Lion Talk” are getting heavy spins.

Be sure check out Neybu’s clothing line 3rd clothing (Neybu’s Father is a native Ethiopian) and for Washington Slizzard apparel; it should be in-stores soon, just like Ras!!! Big ups.

*industry rule #4080 – ‘record company people are shady’ – ATQC