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In order to fully prepare you for this Saturday’s Super Sampler at the Howard Theatre, we’re having the Super Sampler comic interview the Super Sampler musicians they’ll be introducing. We’re documenting people becoming friends.

Loud Boyz: Hello, this is the Loud Boyz.

Michael Foody: Hi Loud Boyz, this is Michael Foody.

LB: Hi, Michael Foody, how are you doing?

MF: I’m doing great.

LB: We got to turn down Roseanne real quick.


MF: I love Roseanne, it’s one of the classic sitcoms, Loud Boyz roll call.

Rory: Rory. I play guitar

Devin: Devin. I play Drums

Alex: Alex. Guitar.

Mitchell: I’m Mitchell. I play bass

Kenny: Kenny Brown, I’m the vocalist


Loud Boyz couldn’t make it to our photo shoot because they were buying beer. Here’s a photo of them after they bought beer.

MF: Classic rock band structure.


Uh Huh.

MF: Do you think that people play certain instruments have certain astrology traits in common. Do you think that there are things that are true about drummers?

LB: What’s true about drummers, player?

MF: I don’t know what’s true about drummers. Do you find there traits that drummers have traits or that guitarists have different traits?

LB: We’re all pretty evenly typed sooooo…

MF: So what type are you?

LB: I’m a Gemini…

MF: OK, so what are you like as characters if your all the same type?

LB: We’re all just good friends that like to party together and play music.

MF: So are you party animals? Is that your punk rock party ethic?

LB: We’re getting drunk right now doing this interview if that tells you anything.

MF: Wow, you truly are a rowdy crew.

LB: [Howls] Loud Boys in the building!

MF: What do you think makes an excellent party?

LB: The three B’s: beers, bitches, and blunts.

MF: Okay, those are all cool things. Do you think partying can be a spiritual experience?


Michael Foody made it to our photo shoot after getting some frozen yogurt.

LB: Maybe if you live in the jungle and your taking peyote… I don’t know man. [Laughs]

MF: Who would you say is the Mitt Romney of rock and roll?

LB: Next question.

MF: What are you rebelling against?

LB: This interview.

MF: What type of music do you make?

LB: We keep it trill man. We keep it hunna we keep it three hunna six hunna nine hunna.

MF: I like your cool hotdog woman logo, did you have someone cool do it for you?

LB: I had Gabby Cherney make it, she does cartooning on the side. She rules.


MF: I like it, it’s very evocative. How do you feel about loudness as an aesthetic choice?

LB: What?

MF: What do you think loudness does to music.

LB: We’re loud in life. In the bedroom.

MF: Do any of you have any dogs or cats?

LB: I have a dog and a cat. Saddie and Bandit?

MF: Do you have one that you prefer?

LB: I love all my children equally.

MF: That’s the right answer.

LB: Saddie and Bandit are our PR people on our website.

MF: So they’re like your mascot?

LB: No, they’re our PR people. You want to take pictures of us you talk to them.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 12.55.26 PM


MF: Suppose you guys were famous, like the Arctic Monkeys, what would you demand in your dressing room.

LB: Beer, bitches, blunts. Ciroq, Fernet.

MF: How did you guys meet each other?

LB: Hashtag friendship. Look up friendship on any social media site that’s us.

MF: Who writes the songs? What are you trying to communicate with your music?

LB: Loud Boys. We loud.

MF: Tell us about your next show and why we should be there?

LB: Howard Theatre Saturday. You should be there because it will be fun as shit.