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It is insane how good this song is. Uno Hype, one of Maryland’s hottest–and in our opinion, most talented–rappers can spin a phrase with ease, leaving the rest of us tongue tied. His hooks are catchy, his production is smooth and his persona is one of confidence; he’s a natural. His video for “We Were Kings” is a well-balanced work of editing, splitting time between motion and rapid stills of the rapper and his hometown and D.C.

Hang out with Uno Hype and hear him spit this Saturday at our D.C. Emerging Artists Showcase along with a ton of other incredible DMV acts. Get pumped:


BYT & The Hamilton Present The DC Emerging Artists Super Sampler Vol 1

BrightestYoungThings.com & The Hamilton Present:
The DC Emerging Artists Super Sampler
Vol 1

So, we decided to get a bunch of our favorite local acts to play a few of their best songs at one big massive show.  Sort of like a non-sucky battle of the bands where everybody wins.  Doing it at a swanky place like The Hamilton felt right.

Get your local love fest on with:

Beyond ModernShark WeekReesa ReneeUno HypeBlack HillsRa The MCThe SaticKid Named BreezyTrackLocke KaushalDrop ElectricIncwell
DJ Steven Faith

No, really, that’s:

Beyond Modern
Shark Week
Reesa Renee
Uno Hype
Black Hills
Ra The MC
The Static
Kid Named Breezy
Locke Kaushal
Drop Electric
DJ Steven Faith

That’s like $240 worth of live music for only $20
(or $22 if you wait until the day of)

But we expect to sell out before then.

I mean, look how much fun we had last time:

PS. This is an all ages event!

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