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We told you yesterday that we had some exciting news headed your way, and here it is! Legendary artist Jenny Holzer’s “Moral Injury / So Vote” will be installed on the façade of The Phillips Collection in conjunction with Artists of Conscience virtual panel this Thursday, September 24th.

From Phillips Collection Vradenburg Director and CEO Dorothy Kosinski:

“In a year that has caused so much turmoil, Jenny Holzer’s words are a powerful reminder of the moment we are in, as a museum in the nation’s capital, on the eve of a critical election. One hundred years ago women were granted the right to vote, but not every woman was able to exercise that right, and we are proud to present a grouping of programs—art inside and outside our walls and a rich discussion—that honors the women past and present that have fought for representation.”

The installation will be on view from Thursday until November 4th (the day after the election), so make sure not to miss it.