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BYT had a chance to catch up with City Tap House’s Beverage Director, Andy Farrell, to ask him about what beer you should drink for various Super Bowl party situations. Not only does he know a mean brew, but he’s a funny motherfucker.


I’m rooting for the Seahawks. What Seattle-brewed beer should I drink?

Elysian Brewing…great local Seattle beers, with awesome variety of craft styles. I recommend the Savant IPA, made with Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand (pretty sure hobbits make them). Nelson Sauvin’s have a grape, grassy aroma/ flavor. If you’re not into Pale Ales and IPAs, go with Split Shot Espresso Stout. Robust roasty stout, with rich coffee profile.


I’m rooting for the Broncos. What Colorado-brewed beer should I drink?

If you’re looking for Colorado craft option, prepare to be overwhelmed with choices. Colorado has one of the countries richest concentrations of craft breweries. My recommendation would be Great Divide‘s seasonal Orabelle…nice fruity Belgian Tripel. Nice high ABV to make you forget about all Peyton’s interceptions he’s gonna throw Sunday. Of course, if ice cold Coors Banquet beer is around, dive in. If it’s good enough for Sam Elliot, it’s good enough for me.


If my frat is throwing a party and has some extra money, what should we drink?

Class up the joint and grab a keg of the DC local Atlas Brewworks Saison de Fete. Really drinkable brown saison (Belgian style with peppery/ lemon character).


I’m hosting a singles party, what should we drink?

Grab a mix of craft standbys like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Allagash White, Victory Prima Pils, even some Corona’s for the less initiated craft drinkers….


I’m hosting a kielbasa-brat party, what should we drink?

DC Brau fits the bill here. All the year rounds, The Citizen, The Public, & The Corruption come in 12oz Cans…easy for zero spillage with a Brat in one hand, beer in another.


I’m inviting all my hipster friends over, what should we drink?

Do hipsters drink anything beside PBR? I prefer Narraganasett Lager. It’s the official beer of the Clam…which anyone can get behind.


I’m broke as shit, what should I drink?

Even when you’re broke, you can keep it local. Natty Boh pounders. After 4 or 5 you can just pretend that RGIII is playing and the Skins are going win the SBXLVIII.


I want to get as fucked up as possible, what should I drink?

1 case Natty Ice, 1 handle Vladdy Vodka, 1 container country time lemonade, 5 bags of ice…mix all thoroughly. I didn’t tell you this.


What’s your favorite City Tap House brew?

Hard to pick one. I consider myself a situational drinker. I drink what the moment is telling me to drink. But stick a Brasserie Dupont Saison in front of me any day and I won’t be mad at ya.

I’m going to my bosses Super Bowl party and he’s a beer connoisseur, what should I drink/bring to impress him?

Tasted a bottle of 2011 BFM Abbaye Bon Chien, couple weeks ago. I was impressed. Slightly sour, grape Belgian style strong ale from Switzerland. Call around to better bottle shops…they may have some. Connecticut Wine and Spirit had bottles off 14th Street had it on Monday.

My dad is a real-life Ron Swanson. What is the most Swanson-esque City Tap House brew?

I’ve heard that Bud Heavy’s are a cure for Sleep Fighting Disorder….