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By Josh Feldman

We’ve all been there: the gloomy point where we have to extinguish our summer habits. Switching your drawers from shorts to sweaters. The leaves are changing, the humidity is decreasing (at least it was). One of the best things of the summer are the songs. Over the past few weeks I’ve had the chance to interview some of the owners of some fine record stores in DC to see how they felt about the summer and how to make the perfect tunes to last the year till summer 2014. To help you last through the burden that is fall, winter, and spring we have compiled a playlist to help you survive!

What shows are you looking forward to this fall and have missed/seen this summer?

Ambrose of Joint Custody: Ink at Howard Theatre. Lots of hardcore shows like Existing and Zoom. 15-year-old kids Youth and Rage. Nuclear Rage, Give.

Daisy of Smash Records: This Italian band called Giuda Happened at Quarry House in Silver Spring. Also The Ottobar hosted The Oblivions and The Shirks. We also recommended Hunx and His Punx and Thee Lolitas.

Neal of Som Records: Lots and lots of Tropicalia shows. Also Zango Django at 9:30 Club. Sadly, the Prince show was a big bummer.

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Bill of Crooked Beat: I haven’t seen many shows this summer. I have been way too busy with store related stuff. I always like to go to Fort Reno to see local DC bands, but this year I didn’t make it. I am planning to go see the UK band The Waterboys at the 9:30 Club this fall.

What makes your perfect summer to fall record?

Ambrose of Joint Custody: Something more gloomy. Shade’s Love Deluxe.

Daisy of Smash Records: Power pop or psych. Something like Big Star or Arkin Koray.

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Neal of Som Records: Any record that’s starts hot and ends up cool.

What makes your perfect summer record?

Ambrose of Joint Custody: Happier air.

Daisy of Smash Records: Upbeat. Go out and live! Something to dance to.

Neal of Som Records: Pool or BBQ or outside feel. Airy.

Bill of Crooked Beat: If I have to say a perfect summer record it would be London Calling by the Clash. Only because I played it nonstop during the summer of 1980 when I was a kid. Whenever I play it my mind floats back to that glorious summer when I discovered punk rock.

What bands would you love to see release some new material?

Ambrose of Joint Custody: Zoom demo coming out this fall. Jesse Ware. Cold World. Anything Weezy.

Daisy of Smash Records: Buck Beluxy and The Fucks. Some stuff unreleased but new Voyln. The Sharks, hopefully. The Archaics just put something out. Missing Monuments!

Neal of Som Records: Jimi Hendrix haha.

Bill of Crooked Beat: Always will wish that Fugazi would end their hiatus and put out a new album.

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What are your favorite new releases?

Ambrose of Joint Custody: Magic Circle Armageddon Shop release, The Obsessed, Arctic Flowers, Big Boys.

Daisy of Smash Records: The Oblivians record, The Gorillas re-issue glam band.

Neal of Som Records: Savages record. Death Fix. Shirks. Kid Congo.

Bill of Crooked Beat: I have been listening to the new album by the DC band Red Hare and also the new album by The National. The new Superchunk album is also quite good.

Planning any upcoming events or promotions?

Ambrose of Joint Custody: Wouldn’t be opposed to in store sessions. DJ?

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Daisy of Smash Records: Some shows, I’m sure. Stay Tuned

Neal of Som Records: Putting out tons of racks. Stay tuned to our Facebook page.

Bill of Crooked Beat: We just bought a huge estate collection and also acquired over 1000 rare punk and new wave records. All in all we acquired 6000 records. So I’ve been busy with that and also keeping up with the new vinyl releases that we chose to carry.