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Summer is impending, and we can’t shake visions of ice cream sammies, icy-cold iced tea, and all things barbecue, picnic, and PICKLES. In anticipation of Memorial Day weekend, we gathered all of the above (courtesy our friends at CreamCycle DC, Tryst, and Gordy’s Pickle Jar) and threw a little backyard party with some of our very favorite DC people. Throw in photographer Mark Zimin and a truly enviable array of both new and vintage sunwear (courtesy the very cool Warby Parker and one of the best vintage stores in America, DC’s own Meeps), and we’re counting the minutes until we’re camping, cooking out, and cannonballing into swimming pools (maybe fully clothed, cold beer in one hand and hot dog in the other). Unless we’re too old for that, in which case we’re really looking forward to stocking up on SPF and otherwise maintaining dignity. Let’s assume a solid mix of both, and until we’re there, here’s what your friends and neighbors are looking forward to, re: DC SUMMER, 2013:

Skyler Javier designs local contemporary menswear brand, NativeDanger. NativeDanger is for sale online and at TBA retail spots this Fall.
Summertime is the best time for…
…impromptu hooky days.
A/C or windows open?
A/C. Bricks of DC’s humid air hitting you in the face usually isn’t refreshing.
Your 2013 Summer soundtrack is heavy on:
Your preferred DC pool?
Anything on a rooftop, with limited access.
above left: in Meeps sunglasses; above right: in Warby Parker Everett sunwear.

Lise Silva is an artist merging drawing, painting, photography, and vintage styling. After years living overseas, she recently returned Stateside and launched her vintage and art haven, CellardoorSequins. From her collection of vintage jewels and frocks to her portfolio of dream journal drawings, each piece is inspired by her vision of a film noir femme fatale – dropped into a psychedelic landscape. She blogs at Call Me Red Telephone.
What’s your Summer uniform?
Kimono robe over dance leotard and circle skirt, or muumuus and platforms.
Favorite DC Summer spots?
My favorite place to be in DC, come Summer, is probably a rooftop; since the skyline is low in DC, the views are always great and you have purrrfect light for sunbathing or gardening…then at night, it becomes the most atmospheric spot for parties. I love all the little neighborhood farmers’ markets and street fairs that pop up around town, it’s exciting to watch them grow each year with more and more local businesses. DC Meet Market is perfect on a lazy Summer Saturday…since I tend to hibernate in the Winter, checking out shows at Black Cat or 9:30 and being able to stroll back home in the Summer night air is the best.
Summertime is the best time for…
…finding new-to-you old treasures and taking on ambitious DIY projects.
above, Lise in vintage Meeps sunnies.

Josh Jensen is a sharply-dressed man about town, whose interests include beards, minimal ambient dub techno, distorting the space-time continuum, and an arcane knowledge of British TV panel shows.
Your favorite/least favorite part of a DC Summer?
Favorite: heat, least favorite: also heat.
Your 2013 Summer soundtrack is heavy on …
…Deepchord Presents Echospace, and likely the Boards of Canada to be released next month.
Summer uniform?
This summer I’m strenuously avoiding anything remotely resembling the salmon-douche uniform.
Josh wears his own vintage sunglasses.

Ian Fay runs Saint Gorilla, a visual strategy company that focuses on video, and splits his time as the ringleader of a production studio and event space in Adams Morgan filled with amazing artists, storytellers, filmmakers and friends. He also makes the fourth best pizza in town.
Anything you’re especially looking forward to this Summer?
There is some momentum in the air. Excited to see how it unfolds.
Summer uniform?
Linen Suit. Everyday.
Best picnic spot in DC?
I might see you at Rock Creek.
A/C or windows down?
A/C inside. Windows down in the car. I like to sweat only when I’m at the gym, or mostly naked. Keep it cool inside, walk out when you want some heat, and take the breeze in the car.
Your preferred Summer escape?
Ian(s) in Meeps.

Sarah Gordon is the co-owner of Gordy’s Pickle Jar.
Anything you’re especially looking forward to this Summer?
Brainfood’s Burger Battle: ten of DC’s best chefs, no rules, lots-o-burgers – all for a great cause.
Your dream Summer Saturday consists of…
…a long walk with my girlfriend and my dog.
Favorite DC Summer spots?
Dupont Farmers’ Market, The Wharf, Patio at Tabard.
Summertime is the best time for…
…seeing ivy-covered buildings.
Sarah wears Warby Parker’s Jasper frames.

L + C, artists. All answers by L.
Your Summer 2013 soundtrack is heavy on…
…Jai Paul
A/C or windows down?
Windows down, radio cranked. Even if I have to spend hours combing out the rats’ nest in my hair.
Best picnic spot in DC?
The Arboretum.
Your favorite or least favorite part of a DC Summer?
Tied for least favorite: humidity and mosquitoes.
Your preferred Summer escape?
The beach, duh.
L + C wear Warby Parker’s Winston and Everett frames, respectively.

Tony Gyepi Garbrah is one very dapper half of menswear blog Gentlemen’s Brim.
Your Summer 2013 soundtrack is heavy on…
…anything with a repeatable ad lib over it…preferably “Bawse.”
Your dream Summer Saturday consists of…
…waking up early, working out, breakfast in the morning, meeting up with the homies or riding dolo hitting the open road. All other times – just waking up early, working out, coffee in the AM, breakfast or brunch, movies with a super smart, soon-to-be 10th grader I mentor. Having lunch or anything to get my parents out of the house in Virginia, a nice home cooked meal, then back to D.C for a cookout, a short rest/recovery period, [then] hitting preferably an open bar or riding into BreadSoda and continuing the after hours debauchery!
Summer anthem?
Miles Davis, “Sketches of Spain.”
Tony wears Warby Parker.

Eames Armstrong is an interdisciplinary artist and curator at the 52 O Street Studios. She runs the blog DC Performance Art, programs Soapbox at Hillyer Art Space and organizes independently as Aether Art Projects. She recently collaborated on a performance Plot at Artisphere for the Second Forum of Performance: Aftermath with J.J. McCracken and Ian McDermott. At the beginning of May, Eames brought three artists to Brooklyn for Control. the first DC show at Grace Exhibition Space.
Summertime is the best time for…
…seriously everything.
A/C or windows down?
Windows all the way, all the sounds and smells of the city breeze.
Anything you’re especially looking forward to this Summer?
YES. I am so pumped about SUPERNOVA Performance Art Festival happening on June 7-9 in Rossyln, VA. It’s going to be huge and awesome and nothing like it has ever happened here before. I’m heading curating and the schedule is nuts. Then – I’m really excited about E10: Conceptual Art at Transformer. I’m coordinating that program so I’ve had the chance to watch these three back-to-back exhibitions take shape, Adrian Parsons opens on 7/11, Jane Claire Remick on 7/25 and chukwumaa on 8/5. And – I’m curating a group show, Complexities: Nuvo-avant-garde at Hillyer Art Space opening July 12, which I intend to be the singly most fun show I’ve ever put together.
Eames(es) wears stylist’s own vintage sunnies.

Chris Chen is a photographer, and part of Project Dispatch.
Your favorite DC Summer spots?
Once upon a time it was the roofdeck of the Reef, back when it was uncovered. Nowadays, any roof bar will do.
A/C or windows down?
A/C during the day, windows down at night.
What’s your Summer uniform?
Summer suits for work, t-shirts & shorts off-duty. Cameras as man-jewelry.
Any favorite warm-weather memories?
Summer school sophomore year of college (mid ’80s) = nothing but playing racquetball, learning about dinosaurs, & hitting on my French teacher.
Chris wears Warby Parker’s Neville frames.


Chris in stylist’s own vintage.

C + L in stylist’s own vintage.

Sarah in Jasper.

Tony in Cromwell.

Lise in Jasper, at left.

Ian in his own vintage.


all photos by Mark Zimin
art direction by Morgan Hungerford West
thank you to CreamCycle DC, Tryst, and Gordy’s Pickle Jar,
and to Meeps DC and Warby Parker.
special thanks to our backyard hosts, Kate Atwell and Jake Starr.