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Why do I love squash blossoms so much? Maybe it’s because they are so delicate and pretty to look at. Or maybe it’s because they are in season so briefly that it feels like I’m getting lucky every time I get to eat one. Or maybe it’s because when stuffed with cheese and fried they are close-your-eyes-and-can’t-talk delicious. Yeah, that’s probably it. The good news is you too can enjoy the soft, delicate flavor of a squash blossom this summer, but the bad news is you are running out of time because they will soon be out of season. They’re being featured in all kinds of creative ways at the below restaurants, but probably only for the next couple of weeks so you should probably get a move on and get ready to stuff your face.


Oyamel may be winning in the squash blossom department by offering multiple squash blossom dishes until the end of this month. Highlights include a squash blossom quesadilla, which is stuffed with zucchini and squash, epazote, loads of melted Oaxacan cheese and adorned with fresh squash blossoms. It is served with a bold avocado and cilantro green salsa. I ate it in about two minutes flat. The salsa is super creamy and bursting with flavor and the earthy tortilla with the fresh squash blossoms and melted cheese is heavenly. You should also definitely try the squash blossoms filled with house made costeno chile requeson cheese, which are served on a bed of spicy Yucatan-style tomato. The heat of the dish, both in the sauce and chili infused cheese, is electrifying. If you are looking for a truly unique use of squash blossoms try the Mexican vermicelli which is cooked in a super smokey pasilla de Oaxaca chili sauce, dotted with fresh corn, and tossed with patty pan squash, hunks of avocado, bright green sungold tomatoes and of course beautiful, slight sweet squash blossoms. The dishes range from $8.00 to $12.00.

DC Harvest
At DC Harvest everything is made from scratch, which means everything is extra delicious. This summer, the H Street venue is serving up squash blossom stuffed with ricotta cheese made in house, with parsley and nutmeg added for flavor. The squash blossoms are then dipped in a light, airy tempura batter and fried. They are served over a bright pea shoot salad and gorgeous roasted beet puree. The dish is light, fragrant and finger-licking good. One order is $12.

Leave it to All-Purpose to come up with a squash blossom pizza. This seasonal pie is called Better Days, and is topped with vine ripe tomatoes, squash blossoms, mozzarella, stracciatella and extra virgin olive oil. It’s a simple tomato and cheese pie which allows the squash blossoms to really shine.

Dino’s Grotto
For an Italian twist on squash blossoms, try the grilled squash blossoms at Dino’s Grotto. The squash blossoms are stuffed with hand-dipped ricotta, herbs, garlic, and egg and grilled on the griddle. They are in a pool of fresh summer heirloom tomato sauce. These are sinfully delicious, oozing with cheesy goodness. Share an order for $12.

Republic is serving squash blossoms stuffed with fresh goat cheese, battered and deep fried to a golden crisp. They come piled over sliced tomatoes and drizzled with Bee George hive-to-table honey. The crunchy shell is a great contrast to the creamy goat cheese, and the sweet honey adds a floral note. Treat yourself to an order for $10.