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all designers shown in the STYLEistics showcase series
will be available for perusal and purchase
at our
STYLEistics event on Novemeber 18th at the Rock’n’roll hotel



In the summer of 2004 ,b>traveling artists Rory Sheridan, Peter Tsouras, and Darren Kelley
decided to start
a t-shirt line representing their independent spirits and their love for women’s haircuts.

The trio began printing handmade shirts in a garage they rented in San Francisco.

The line took off immediately in San Francisco and spread to Brooklyn where Darren eventually relocated.

Now based out of Washington D.C.,, Rory Sheridan and Peter Tsouras
plan to produce ,more quality hand made shirts that represent their
awesome life styles and of course woman’s hair.

You can purchase Perfect Hair t-shirts at Super Perfect Hair .com (click it)
While your there don’t forget to submit a picture of your hair for the perfect hair of the month contest!