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today we (very, and extremely) proudly begin the showcase of
young designers
DC (and the rest of the world) is proud of
who will be
included in the Nov 18th STYLEistics event at the Rock’n’Roll Hotel.


MUSS .vintage

muss vintage is thrift store couture;
a collection of vintage clothing
carefully handpicked
current styles, shapes, and patterns in mind.
heavily influenced by
film, music, art, literature, and style icons both past and present,
muss vintage favors the
fashionable-but-broke set
by keeping the style high and the prices low.
muss vintage is put together by
morgan hungerford;
she also designs muss line (myspace.com/muss_line),
runs local fashionblogs Panda Head ( http://www.pandahead.blogspot.com) and
thrift store couture (http://www.thriftstorecouture.blogspot.com), and contributes fashion writing to the DCist (LINK: http://www.dcist.com).
she is allergic to honey and loves both her boyfriend and her dog to pieces.