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donatella versace: slightly high maintenance, totally awesome. (at NYmag.)

refinery 29’s eBay blog is updated daily and picks range from vintage chloe to an adorably miniature ‘how to knit’ book set. check it out only if you have serious willpower in the paypal department.

i was far too broke to attend the district sample sale last week, but apparently i was the only one because 850 people were in attendance. check out washingtonian’s after hours blog for a DSS slideshow RECAP – it’ll be just like you were there (minus the discounted shoes and the elbowing).

susie over at style bubble tries to work out the conundrum of an excessive interest in clothes but very little interest in that whole ‘hair & make up’ thing: ‘the time devoted to outfits:time devoted to the visage is about 50:1.’ i’m so with her on this, and THAT’S why i’m stoked on BYT’s new ‘beautiful on the inside‘ feature. and yes, i totally just cross-linked to the very site i’m writing on. am i blowing your minds here?

THIS (at face hunter) had me pondering the question of doc martens, and when i got to fashionista i saw that they had already laid it down for me. although i had a probably-unhealthy obsession with tank girl and all-things-grunge circa the 7th/8th grades (and religiously wore doc martens with my school uniform) my verdict on these now is a resounding NO. some other things i enjoyed when i was 13 that i no longer can include 120 minutes and gluing collages to the back of my bedroom door. getting old sucks.

14 american apparel models freed in a daring midnight raid. (from the onion; via F&ART guide.)

‘gossip girl: the most important show of our time.‘ PERHAPS. either way, i did love all the sightings the fuggers got of its TEEN STARS looking slightly petrified at NY fashion week. (at NY mag.)

and as far as london fashion week, here are links to the giles deacon, matthew williamson, and christopher kane shows.

local zine gentle graffiti has a call for submissions for their fourth issue; they’re accepting anything in the ARTS, BEAUTY, COMEDY, COMICS, CULTURE, DC, DIY, FAN MAIL, FASHION, GOODNESS, GRAFFITI, ILLUSTRATORS, MUSIC, PAINTING, PHOTOGRAPHY, POETRY, SMALL PRESS, STORIES, TRUTH, or WASHINGTON categories. have at it.

chloe sevigny calls herself a ‘frugal yank,’ goes on to reference flannery o’connor. SHE’S SO MULTI-FACETED. (at refinery 29.)