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Suzy Menkes gets busted going all paparazzi on Jennifer Lopez. So hilarious, and so exactly what I (and YOU, don’t front) would have done. (at Bryanboy).

Kate Holmes wears CDG x H&M – a whole month early. (at nitro:licious).

Style.com calls out their Top Ten Spring Collections. I 40% agree with their lineup, and am 100% irritated that every “top story” on the site this week has to do with “Recession Spending.”

Project Runway ended this week THE WAY IT SHOULD HAVE, while last season’s winner, Christian Siriano, marches on with a brand new maternity line. And he named that maternity line FIERCE. (at NYMag’s The Cut.)

Kate Bosworth has my Chloe booties, and in RED, no less. A single tear just ran down my face. (at Fashion Addict Diary).

I’ve linked to it here before, but A Continuous Lean has fast become my new favorite site. Heavy vintage influences, a personalized, clear voice, and LOTS of stuff for the guys – as we move into the third/fourth/fifth year of the FASHION BLOG CRAZE, ACL is a far cry from the norm and is just totally REFRESHING.

Let the Halloween costume debates begin: at White Lightning, The Huffington Post, and Teen Vogue. After two consecutive years of not-really-dressing-up, I’m kind of into the idea of going all out with fake blood and gore…maybe Zombie Amelie? I want to be cute AND terrifying.

Stylista starts Wednesday; watch and root for the home team (AKA Johanna of the now-private A Serious Job Is No Excuse).