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Ellen Von Unwerth and Erin Fetherston have collaborated again on a video; “A Dreamy Wander” features Fetherston’s clothing (duh) and Zooey Deschanel (natch). Delightful! (clip at Style File/Style.com.)

The Hills is SOOOO back; Fashionista.com has 10 (but really 20) questions for LC and friends.

NYMag.com interviews jewelry designer (and the most recent gent to score a Target diffusion line) Justin Giunta. The for-Target line seems neat (if a little pricey), but I’m most enamored of his chandeliers

This week is rife with playlists I love – and this one is even fashion-oriented, as it was posted by the folks at Refinery29.

The Lula website is showing an Issue 6 cover – but NO DICE for the inside pages. What a tease!

You know, I really love the “Boy/Girl of the Week” feature at TeenVogue.com, if only because I enjoy knowing that there are 16 year olds who love to shop for their Balenciaga at Neiman’s and 14 year olds whose Japanese shopping trips may one day send them into credit card debt. I’m not hating – I really do love it. In the same way that I once loved Real Housewives of the Orange County. And that is passionately.

Kime Buzzelli/VANS collaboration! 2009! Prepare! (via the moldy doily.)

Harriet Mays-Powell styled a (seemingly) amazing shoot, Good Nymphs Gone Bad, for NYMag. This may be the one time it’s worth picking up the print edition – the models are literally ONE INCH TALL on my computer screen and you know, I think I’d like to see that $7,130 Ann Demeulemeester wool-and-feather top in a little more detail. You?

If we don’t talk about the upcoming Ashlee Simpson-for-Wet Seal line, perhaps it will cease to exist. (at The Cut.)