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Weekly rundown of DC fashion events+links to love on style blogs+other inspirational stuff we think you may enjoy. Cool? Cool. Have an event coming up/something you’d like mentioned? Let me know in the comments section, or find me on Twitter @mel_jennie.


Saturday, May 9th: This event has a weird poster (“Everyone has a destiny” lol k), but looks cool anyway. Fashion, food, design, and style come together at the Taste of the Runway expo at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center from 12 to 4pm.



Saturday, May 9th: Washington Designer Trunk show, Mother’s Day edition, at the Crystal City Doubletree will feature mother-daughter fashions and lots of cuteness.

Mark Your Calendar for:

Sunday, May 17: DC Style Factory is having another great seminar workshop, this time on vintage style and how to make it work for you. Mixing vintage pieces with modern pieces can come off costumey; the “Vintage Meets New” workshop will show you how to avoid that. Plus, it will take place at a great vintage clothing store in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Amalgamated Clothing on Mount Vernon Ave.

For further inspiration, check out stylist, Jenn Barger on We Talk Live.


Refinery29: Unexpected, but still super cute, ideas for spring dresses.

WhoWhatWear: The shoes that are “in” and the shoes that are “out” for spring.


Elle: Jumpsuits are my favorite clothing because they’re basically a stylish snuggie. Here is a bunch of them for under $200.


Style.com: Vintage party outfit inspiration! Cocaine not included.