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By Melissa Groth

Weekly rundown of DC fashion events+links to love on style blogs+other inspirational stuff we think you may enjoy. Cool? Cool. Have an event coming up/something you find worthy of mention? Let me know in the comments section, or find me on Twitter @mel_jennie.

This week I’m giving into depression and watching all the seasons of Gossip Girl on Netflix, because it allows me to escape my life! And if I’m miserable, you’re going to be miserable too! So here is a Gossip Girl dedicated Style Licks. And to answer the obvious question, yes, I probably will be more depressed than before once it’s over and I realize that I don’t live on the Upper East Side and that there will never be a Chuck Bass in my life. But I’ll deal with that in about 100 hours.


January 28th: Combine your passion for accessories with your passion for 3D printing at the MLK Jr Memorial Library this Wednesday, and learn how to print your own baubles. #TheFuture



Thursday, February 5th: Do all of the shopping at Crystal Couture.  The fashion festival runs through the end of the weekend and will feature runway shows and steep discounts so you can dress like Serena Van der Woodsen at a fraction of the price.




Refinery29: Has an article about a study that shows how retail therapy makes you feel worse than you already did. I think Blair Waldorf would probably disagree with that.  Anyway, what is science really? That new pair of pumps is never going to text you “This isn’t working out.” So buy the fucking shoes.


WhoWhatWear: If you want to look like you belong in an episode of Gossip Girl but you can’t afford it because you are a real person, here are some tips on how to make your outfit look more expensive than it really was.






Harper’s Bazaar has a list of the best Spring 2015 Couture runway looks

Totally Blair:


Omg so Blair:


This is a Serena:


Little J for sure:




Eleanor Waldorf:


Lily Van der Woodsen:

Totally Little J:


Thankfully there are no Vanessas.


Elle.com with street style from the above fashion shows




Jenny Humphrey:


Georgina you are a fierce bitch:


Lol, Lonely Boy?


Okay that was fun, now back to another episode of GG. XOXO!!!!


Goddammit Chuck Bass.