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By Melissa Groth

Weekly rundown of D.C. fashion events+links to love on style blogs+other inspirational stuff we think you may enjoy. Cool? Cool. Have an event coming up/something you find worthy of mention? Let me know in the comments section, or find me on Twitter @mel_jennie.


Friday, January 16th: Model call and networking event at the Carolina Kitchen Bar & Grill in Hyattsville, MD.

Friday, January 16th: Art Rave Fashion Friday with fashion designers & specialized crafters, jewelers, interior design, stylists & beauty care presented by Art Rave and Shaw Main Streets.

Sunday, January 18th: Successful Vending 101 Training seminar presented by the Yours/Mine Secondhand Shopping Soiree.




Harper’s Bazaar shows the coolest ways to wear suede because you wear suede in the winter and it’s still winter. Ugh. Winter.


Vogue: Golden Globes fashion. Let’s hope Rosamund pulls it together for the Oscars.


Oh god, Rosamund, why?

Refinery29: Coolest haircuts/hairstyles for 2015.  Hopefully that one patch you shaved has grown back by now.





WhoWhatWear: Oh, so you just wrap your scarf around your neck like a commoner? Put some effort into it, you look ridiculous.




Fashionista: Sophia Amoruso has resigned as CEO of Nasty Gal.  Sheree Waterson to be promoted to CEO position. Should be a perfect fit as see-through leggings are pretty nasty tbh.