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By Melissa Groth

Weekly rundown of DC fashion events+links to love on style blogs+other inspirational stuff we think you may enjoy. Cool? Cool. Have an event coming up/something you find worthy of mention? Let me know in the comments section, or find me on Twitter @mel_jennie.


Friday, August 29th: Celebrate Southern African fashion, beauty, and culture at the Southern African Fashion Show this Friday at the Civic Center. Tickets are $25 for the show only, $35 for the show and after party.


Vogue: Emmy fashion, just ICYMI, which you didn’t, but whatever here it is again.



Lena Dunham omg yes.

Glamour: Kelly Osbourne is launching a clothing line called “Stories.”

Lucky: Off-the-shoulder tops. Wear them “before it’s too late!” I’m not sure what’s going on over at Lucky; are people losing shoulders or something? Is there someone going around sewing the shoulders back onto these shirts? “Before it’s too late” is pretty ominous.


Refinery29: Afropunk festival/street style is too hip.


WhoWhatWear: Boot weather is around the corner. Buy some boots.